Having amassed more than 30+ years of experience in dishing out quality and immaculate jewelry products, we are a firm dedicated with providing exquisite jewelry and related support through our specialized work force and manufacturing unit. We have a staff of over 150+ employees and a unit capable of producing 100000+ pieces per month amongst the best quality machinery from around the world.

  • Personalized Jewelry Design through OEM or ODM- Our own designing team consists of people with wide experience in both manual and 3D jewelry designing.
  • 3D Prototypes- Having 3D printers from one of USA’s best 3D printing company, 3D Systems, helps us envision and visualize our jewelry designs quicker and in a more accurate manner.
  • Casting- This department of our business is responsible for producing fine raw jewelry through use of German casting machine, Schulthesis, while wax injection is powered through Japan’s Yasui.
  • Disc Finishing- In order to achieve the highest possible finish in jewelry after casting, we have inculcated in our unit the use of disk finishers from Poland and Spain, Avalon and PMG Electro machine respectively.
  • CNC- this machine by InTech has assisted us in creating complex and intricate pieces which may be difficult to produce by hand, however much the quantity, efficiently and effectively.
  • Continual Casting- To enable smooth and better finish, reduced deburring and augmented wear resistance for our jewelry pieces, we have installed advanced casting machines in our factory itself.
  • Hollow Tubing- To delve into all kinds of designs with intricacy and create all possible geometric shapes lie round, squares etc, we have developed an infrastructure and trained our staff which facilitates the same.
  • Furnace- In order to reduce the complexities of our designs and make them more durable we use hardened furnace.
  • Laser Soldering and Marking- Precision is key which is why we use machinery from Germany (Siro Lastertec and Roffin) and Italy (Sisma) for laser soldering and meticulous hallmarking respectively.
  • Micron Plating- For consistent and precise plating, we use machinery from Germany (Walter Lehmann for plating bath and Umicore for plating) and Switzerland (Pino Aliprandini for plating).
  • X-Ray- In order to assess and control the quality of micron plating, we use Fischer of Switzerland which checks the material, thickness of micron coating and also the hardness of the same.