A trip down memory lane to some of our most distinct and important collaborations over the past 25+ years:

Two of the pillars of any business through which it builds a positive image and long-lasting working relationships amidst its consumers and producers is based on trust and loyalty. “Value systems to adhere to for life my grandfather and father passed on to me while I was growing up were of honesty and hard work. I was taught that being able to build something from hand and engage creatively would always allow you to keep the fire burning in your house”, says the owner.Incidentally, when the owner in his early twenties was expanding his roots from Mumbai and Dubai, the countries from where he first started his jewelry business, to Italy he faced hardships. A customer in Italy who owns a huge television jewelry selling business disliked Indians wholly and strictly didn’t buy jewelry from them on the grounds of trust issues.

His ideology was so negative towards the country and its people that the meeting also physically didn’t materialize between the two and Mr Agarwal was told to never come and talk to him by a third person. However, that hurt Mr Agarwal and he made it a goal to show him that a country cannot determine a person’s values of honesty and commitment. As a result, he went to the customer’s showroom as a customer rather and bought a 7000-euro gold watch at that time. Then the client who this time around came to meet him and that is when the two started conversing. In that meeting itself, impressed my Mr Agarwal’s views on business, the customer asked him to produce jewelry for him to which the owner politely declined. After another meeting and a tad bit more persuasiveness, he agreed albeit on one tricky condition; Mr Agarwal would have to mix his produced jewelry with the sample piece given to him and if the customer would be able to find the sample, then all the produced goods will be returned.

A few months later when the jewelry was produced and shipped to Italy during which the final meeting took place. Months of hard work came to fruition as the consumer failed to find his original sample and this started a long collaboration of 30+ years which still holds true.

With our partners in Morocco on a visit to their silver and diamond jewelry showroom.

Dinner with the exhibitors and customers in Tucson after a successful run at the international jewelry exhibition.

At our Jaipur showroom dealing with our Iranian clients.

A dinner to cherish in Europe with one of my closest business partners.

Our office and controlling unit in Jaipur from where we regulate our factory.

We headed to Bangkok for our first international jewelry exhibition in 2009. Our booth exhibiting our most exquisite silver jewelry collection was also the first time we spread our business in another Asian country apart from India. Beads of perspirations, sickening anxiety and anticipation all rolled into a satisfying venture at the end of 5-day show when the exhibition turned out to be a successful venture.